CamomileQ experts are accredited psychologists, who believe in social psychology and are passionate about improving people's lives and making the world a better place.

Marina Musatova, Psy.D

Marina is a highly experienced clinical psychologist with over 10 years of practice. Having received her clinical psychologist degree from Lomonosov Moscow State University (Psy.D. equivalent), Marina started teaching at the Higher School of Economics. Having lived in Switzerland and the United States for many years, Marina has developed a special appreciation for cultural diversity and a curiosity for different methods that people, of various backgrounds, use in their quest for happiness. Apart from her private practice, Marina is also an experienced psychodramatist and a psychodrama director. Psychodrama methodology has taught her how playing games can be a powerful and fun way to overcome long-held negative beliefs and destructive aspects of family scenarios. Marina has collaborated with experts from the Serbsky Institute on developing innovative play methods for working with children and adolescents. She enjoys photography, healthy cooking, swimming and traveling.

Vera Stepanova, Ph.D

Vera is a practicing family psychologist. Having graduated from Moscow Pedagogical University with a concentration in child psychology, she continued her training in psychoanalytics at the Moscow Serbsky Institute of Psychiatry, and attended seminars on psychosomatics at the IPSO Pierre Marty in Paris. Vera has more than 23 years of experience in the practice of family counseling. She has administered a school for foster parents and prepared numerous prospective parents for adopting children, as well as assembled instructional curriculum guidelines for the provision of effective foster care. With the advancement of modern day web technologies, Vera successfully performs remote counseling for parents of children with special needs. She currently serves as ombudswoman for custody and guardianship of children at a Moscow precinct, and has authored numerous works on psychology techniques, as well as guidelines for parents on children's emotional development topics.

Polina Ausan, Ph.D

Polina is a licensed psychologist and psychotherapist with over 10 years of expertise in the field. She completed the Clinical Department of the Faculty of Psychology at Moscow State University, and later obtained her Master’s in Psychoanalysis and Business Consulting from the Higher School of Economics. Polina currently runs her private psychotherapeutic practice for both adults and children. Furthermore, Polina is experienced in coaching middle- and top- managers from a number of major Russian and global enterprises, including: RusHydro, STS Media, MTS Mobile Communications and CreditEuropaBank, among others.

Tatiana Artemova, MSc

Tatiana is an experienced psychologist, psychoanalytical psychotherapist and psychology lecturer, with a distinguished track record, spanning in excess of 20 years. Prior to current works on completing her PhD, Tatiana studied at the Moscow Serbsky Institute of Psychoanalysis, and later at the Psychosomatics Pierre Marty Institute in Paris. She teaches at the Psychology and Psychoanalysis Institute in Moscow and contributes to the psychodrama professional group at the Serbsky Institute. Tatiana likes to travel and is very fond of alpine skiing.