Hello Next! Forget your ex!

Just broke up? Haven’t seen him for a while but your heart is still broken with no one there to help you cope with the emotional pain? Alex, Roemon and Wen, your virtual life coaches, will help you get a restart on life with proven emotional intelligence (EI) and social competence (SC) development techniques that work.

Hello Next! is a game diary employing psychological methods of fighting emotional addiction. It helps you to strengthen your self-esteem and find a new partner.

Daily workouts promote EI development and allow you to increase social competence and self-awareness, as well as advance your relationship management skills.

And, yes, our characters are packed with witty humor, so you’ll have plenty of fun in the process!

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Happily ever after 2.0

Are you looking to establish genuine, empathetic and lasting relationships with your partner, friends or colleagues? Happily Ever After 2.0 was developed by psychologists to help you improve your emotional and social intelligence (ESI).

30+ mini games will help you increase your emotional literacy and self-management, as well as boost your self-motivation and compassion.

Every day there will be pockets of time when you can play a personalized game to improve your EI. After all, it has been proven that in successful relationships at least one of the partners possesses a high EI level.


Secret CEO

Do you dream of climbing to the top? Multiple studies have indicated that 85% of negotiation failures occur due to one's inability to manage their emotions. If the senior executive team has a high emotional intelligence, then company profits are on average 28 percent higher. Emotional literacy is the base of effective communications: personal, business, international. It is not so much in what you know, but rather whom you know, and furthermore, it’s about saying or doing the right things at the right time, as well as knowing when to refrain from comment or action altogether.

Alex, Roemon and Wen, your dedicated life-coaches, will aid you in growing your career on a solid foundation of proven EI science.